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You are at the start of what we hope will be a long and enjoyable involvement in the martial arts. Karate is a rewarding discipline with a great deal to offer to those who are prepared to practice. It is part self-defence, part physical fitness, part sport and part self-awareness – and for many people it becomes the attitude with which they approach life.

One of the main objectives of Karate is the development of mental attitudes that lead to humility and self-control. The karateka, or practitioner of Karate, strives to be modest, courteous, helpful, just and dedicated. He or she practices Karate to develop these qualities and attributes rather than to be aggressive or cruel or use Karate for wrongful purposes. To use Karate cruelly or aggressively would dishonour the karateka and his dojo, to say nothing of the legal and moral implications of such inappropriate behaviour. Karate itself would be reduced from an art to mere street-fighting.

This is one thing you must understand from the very beginning of your practice of Karate. There is no secret or mystic power to Karate, despite its far-Eastern origins and the treatment it has received in modern movies. The incredible power, speed, precision and apparent effortlessness often associated with the martial arts may be responsible for generating the mystique surrounding them. It is, however, the individual’s constant practice, concentration and attention to detail that eventually makes one a good karateka.

Karate promotes self-confidence, sincerity, effort and respect. In short, “Karate in its truest sense is a way of perfecting one’s character.” According to Funakoshi, the ultimate aim of the art of Karate lies not in victory or defeat but in the character of its participants.



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