Our Services

Puckett’s Noble House of Karate was established in 1980, and since that time has been providing experienced professional training in the martial arts to the Saanich Peninsula. Our dojo is fully equipped with a proper training hall. We have the latest padded gear for combat training, as well as the full range of traditional practice weapons (tonfa, kama, bo, etc.). We have video facilities to tape and critique classes, and we offer classes for men, women and children (including separate adult classes at all levels). There are ongoing classes for novices – beginners are always welcome and may start at any time.

Classes and Seminars

In addition to traditional Karate and weapons training, we also offer classes and seminars in self-defense techniques, escrima and kickboxing.

Martial Arts Supplies

We have a well stocked martial arts supply store on the premises. PNHK stocks martial arts supplies, including uniforms, practice weapons, safety gear and the like.

Special Events

The dojo is regularly involved in martial arts tournaments, as an organizing, sponsoring or participating school, so students are afforded many opportunities to test their skills in controlled competition. Be sure to see our special events section.



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