The Importance Of Kata

In Karate, your understanding of the art will depend to a great extent on your mastery of kata.

Kata are prearranged sets of movements and techniques, in the execution of which you defend against several hypothetical attackers. As you practice kata, you will discover several interesting truths.


  • First, kata are intended to build your strength and balance, and to help you work on the timing and coordination of different techniques. You will learn to execute techniques with speed and power, and to practice moving in stances.
  • As well, kata requires you to focus inwards and to concentrate on the emotional and psychological aspects of karate, since each kata is more than simply a collection of exercises or physical movements. It’s fair to say that at least half of the proper execution of kata takes place in your head.
  • Finally, you will discover that your grasp of kata has direct bearing on your skills as a fighter, at least in part because the constant practice of kata shapes your attitude on one level, and reinforces critical muscle memory on another level.

 Learning kata – to the level of mastery – is a slow process, and requires perseverance.



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